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how can auto kick ban in pm those give any kind of links

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hey please guid me how can add automaticlly kick ban add in my anope server

so tell me how i do that i need

i mean to say if any body give any kind of link in my channel to users in private msg then he will kick ban auto from channel
asked Oct 11, 2017 in v4.* by Lars
recategorized Oct 11, 2017 by siniStar

2 Answers

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I found a mIRC script addon on Hawkee.com that might do what you are asking for:


this kick bans users that send u PM right after u join a channel ( within 3 seconds line 1 in the code ) and obviously u need to be opped on the channels

answered Oct 12, 2017 by siniStar (210 points)
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I found and eggdrop script once upon a time that will do this and much more!

answered Oct 14, 2017 by xnite (420 points)

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